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- Detail Type : Sweatpants - Fabric : Unbrushed sweat fabric has a smooth surface and loops on the inside for a comfortable feel - Leg details : Rib hems - Waist/Rise : Regular waist - Extra details : Elasticated and adjustable waist - Print type : - - 3D print for a three-dimensional look - - Rubber print for a soft feel - Pocket other : Front pockets - Occasion/Styling : Dress your child in comfort and coolness with trendy trousers that ensure a soft feel - License : Jurassic World is the luxurious resort located off the coast of Costa Rica, home to a number of genetically engineered dinosaurs, including the evil and intelligent Indominus-rex. As the big animal escapes, a true nightmare begins - Attachment length : 13 - Attachment comp : Cotton - Fit : Regular Fit Gender: Male Manufacture: Circular Knit Manufacture Detail: Loop Back Style Type: PANTS Fabric Name: SW-220-95/5-Co/EA Composition: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane Gauge: 24 Weight: 220